Let there be light… as in here’s where it begins.

Hello readers, writers, and fellow bloggers! I’ve been probing the possibility of blogging for some time. But now it’s final. I’m blogging. But why would you do that Marc? You ask. Well… there are a few reasons why I’ve struck out to get my feet wet with online publishing.

Reasons for Blogging

First, writers have this thing they do called… writing. Yep! And the more they write the better of a writer they become. It’s a win win. So I’m doing it. Second, I like the idea of deadlines. Meaning writing each and every week to an audience that expects to get a blog post from me. There’s a innate professional vibe in the word deadline. It has a diligent, ambitious, and stressful pull to it. These are pulls that I feel I need more of in the writing facets of my life. Third, writers have another interesting thing called… audiences. If I’m going to write something that I want others to read, I’ll probably want a few humans to read it. So if I blog; well… maybe some humans will come along and read what I’ve written. And if I’m really lucky then maybe they’ll send me an email or post in a comment section and I’ll see it. Then maybe I’ll reply to it. Then maybe we’ll have this cool moment of connection that make both of us will feel good… and BAM!!! Just like that I’m interacting with readers a.k.a. an audience. My audience. The possibility makes me smile. So there.


So. Let’s agree on one thing at least… There will be lots of posts on writing. I think that’s a safe prediction. However, there’s a lot more to life than writing. Those things, whatever they are however can be written about (see what I did there). For example, I love reading, so I may write a review on a recent novel or nonfiction work I’ve read. I also like eating great food, so I could write about an experience I had at a restaurant. I’m currently a student at a university with two majors, one of which is a social science. So I could write about a concept or theory I think is relevant and interesting to me and my readers. I’m also working on a book now as well, so that will likely come up. The point I’m trying to make is that these topics and more give me more prolific experience in writing, so we might see myriad topics here. And whatever they are will give me something new to write about. And I’m also hoping they’ll be interesting to others as well. Suffice it to say much of what I’ll be posting will usually have an explicit link to writing, but I hope to keep the subjects they’re linked to interesting.


In the words of Paulo Coelho (one of my favorite authors), “I write because it is my way to share my soul – and sharing is apart of the human condition.”

That’s the core reason why I write as well. Like you and everyone, I have a life, and in that life there are feelings, ideas, and experiences that have meaning to me. This meaning gives form to who I am, to my identity. And I feel like some, and maybe even most of it, is worth sharing. Whether it comes in the form of a novel, a term paper, or blog post. The written and spoken work is my favorite way of sharing with others. So thank you. Thank you for letting me do that. And I hope you’ll get a little soul sharing out of this as well. As I hope you’ll leave some comments from time to time. Either way. I’m looking forward to the journey.

Thanks Readers!!!!